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In one word, Rewarding!

My journey to becoming a Dog Walker started around 15 years ago when I fell in love with my first dog. My partner, Neil and myself were having a year out in the South of France. I saw an Ad for an abandoned little black dog, currently living with 39 cats in a cat rescue in Nice, needing a home! I don't know how, but we went to see him and I fell in love with this little wiggle he did when he greeted us! He was a black miniature pinscher- such a character. On our travels we visited Italy to see my family, they to fell in love with him and called him Porchetta, probably cause he looked like a piglet!

We brought him back to England,where we settled down and had 2 children who adored him! He lived to the ripe old age of 11 and then passed, and as time heals we didn't have a dog for a year and really missed him. I intended to rescue a dog, as I had done before and did so when our current dog, Jack, a Jack Russell cross, was advertised as needing a home. He had some issues as he wasn't socialised, was very highly strung and snappy on the lead, however over time he has become a fantastic little dog, still with some issues but these are characteristics of a Jack Russell. 

I have been working as a Hairdressing Receptionist for the last 13 years, since my return from France and have loved it, made lifelong friends and loved the bustle of a busy salon. But in the last couple of years have been looking to change direction and do something that fits with the family avoiding working weekends and evenings which I've done since I was 16.

Plus with my love of the outdoors and dogs, dog walking is a bit of a no brainer for me!

I finally took the plunge and set up Knutty Dogs, 3 months ago and it's been a crazy Summer- juggling the salon, kids off school and fitting dog walks in where I could! Luckily my kids- Lucas 11, and Lillie 6 are as passionate about dogs as me so they have helped me incredibly! After taking on some regulars I made the decision to quit the salon which was scared but exciting! I believe sometimes you have to take chances in life! 

I do a group walk in the morning with up to 6 dogs, and then a lunchtime walk around 1pm. So I'm back in time for school pick up. 

I love it, but like anything it's not without its stresses.... I have had a couple bring me rabbits! And the other day the very lovely but adventurous Tori from The Shed jumped a 6ft fence into the scout campsite in tatton and couldn't get back! 

It's a bit like having lots of children, you have to keep your eye on the game! 

Being around every day not only means I can be around for my children after school and weekends- I have fostered an elderly dog, Babby from Dogs 4 Rescue, an Irlam based dogs home. I urge anybody to foster or adopt a rescue dog, it is so rewarding and seeing how a dog changes when you give them love, good food and a warm bed is priceless! Babby is a Bulgarian street dog rescued off the street by Twitchy Noses and brought to the uk by Dogs 4 Rescue. She is adorable and so grateful for any fuss she gets. Although it's a little chillier over here, I think I'll need to find her a nice coat for the pending season! 

If anyone would like to discuss their dogs walking needs you can contact me on 07709312081 or go to my facebook page and like and save me at, or @knuttydogs. 

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