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Dan talks to us about the joys of working at Guys Barber Shop.

“Dad and I have been cutting hair together for 12 years now and I still love it…”


A father and son duo that make up one of the most well known barber shops in all of Knutsford. Dave who is also known as the Governor is the owner of Guys Barber shop and his faithful sidekick is Dan who is also known by some as Fat Cat. These two Barbers, on any day, is a sight to experience as they cut your hair, passing the time as they chat to customers about the goings on of the town and it’s beautiful people.


“Working with dad (The Governor) can be fun, exciting and rewarding in that, how many people do you know that work with family everyday the way dad and I, and get along as well as we do.” Dave has a fantastic way about himself, almost the way a moth is drawn to light. He is passionate about family and the people of this town they call home.


Dan believes he has had the greatest privilege as he has watched kids become adults and adults start their own families, all this while cutting their hair. Dan hopes to carry on cutting hair with his Dad and maybe a few changes to Guys in the future, who knows Dan puts it simply “we love what we do with simply a scissor and comb and a customer in our chair”. Dan is clearly passionate about business and family, people and loves cutting hair, “It is what I'm good at but most importantly, It’s what I love to do.” 


I decided to put the Guys experience to the test and had my hair cut by both Dave and Dan.


Getting my hair cut by Dave:

Dave welcomes you in, introduces himself and finds time for a laugh or a quick story about a motorcycle he loves and your booking is made, Upon returning to Dave to have your hair cut, you find yourself talking about everything from economics to the latest news in the town. Dave has a real presence about himself,  he makes you feel welcome and by the time you are ready to leave you look like a million dollars. 


Getting my hair cut by Dan:

As I walk in Dan welcomes me in with big smiles takes my booking and carries on cutting a gents hair. I return and sit down in the waiting area as I find myself being a part of a conversation with the town's gents getting their hair cut. Dan calls me over saying right how young do you want to look today. We laugh as I reply young enough that my beautiful wife still thinks I'm good looking. Dan wastes no time finding out how I usually have my hair and he starts cutting away. We talk about a little bit of everything from life to work to aspirations and desires in our businesses. Before you know it he is all done.


Wether it’s Dave or Dan cutting my hair I cannot help but feel like I a huge weight is off my shoulders. As I walk out out of Guys I feel special and I am because I know in Knutsford there is an incredible duo of guys, a father and son that love what they do and do what they love and they make me look and feel like a million $$$.

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