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Helen and Sharon talk about their Business.

Sitting down at the large wooden table in the back of the Shed noticing a dog sleeping quietly underneath. I make a gentle whistle to say hello to the canine friend as I wait for Helen and Sharon to finish with a customer and join me.


The ladies sit down very casually as I ask about their business, interests and to tell me a little about the both of them.


Helen has four fantastic children and a very loveable dog named Tory. Helen describes herself as a quirky ex black & white photographer who is passionate about juicing. Sharon has three awesome children, three dogs, two horses, three cats, three chickens and a few rabbits.


In the presence of these ladies it becomes apparent that they are both quirky, fun loving and passionate about their animals, the fact that they make such incredible food and smoothies is just a bonus. Both ladies were very set in their ways about the Shed being able to accommodate dogs as they are just around the corner from the beautiful Tatton Park we all know and love.


The Shed makes both breakfast and lunch and afternoon tea & cake. The breakfasts are incredibly busy with smoothies such as smooth and sexy and mango magic being in high demand first thing in the mornings. Afternoon you can try one of the delicious vegetarian dishes but having said that their is a rumour going around that these ladies make the very best veggie burger ever, so much so, they have had customers ask for the recipe which I believe is locked away in a vault. For afternoon tea I suggest you indulge in the chocolate and beetroot brownie with your brew as you relax and chat to one of the friendly ladies behind the counter. The ladies are most accommodating, and if you are a vegan they are more than happy to help. Everything is made by both Helen and Sharon and as far as menu goes well you have to walk in and simply say “Hi, whats on the menu for today” which means the menu is constantly changing by the creative duo.


The plan for the future is to open another site and possibly look at festivals. The shed is open five days a week (Tuesday - Saturday) and always open for the Market day being the first Sunday of the month. They also deliver to a great deal of the local businesses in the area of Knutsford.


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