Lizzie Dyson - Passionate about cocktails!

It's a career to those who are passionate about it.

I began my career at 18 years old working behind the cocktail bar at Mottram Hall, Prestbury. That is where I discovered my love for creating beautiful drinks for people, and for bar top banter! I learned how to connect with my customers, how to make them feel at ease and how to create a special experience for them. When serving someone a cocktail, I feel it's important to make sure that drink is exactly what the customer wants, made just the way they like it. The only way to deliver that is to talk to them and find out what they like best! It's all part of the fun! 

To me, cocktails aren't supposed to be a pitcher of sugar and alcopops, they're supposed to be art! They should look every bit as good as they taste, they should be served beautifully and made with fresh, good quality ingredients and they should pay homage to the history of bartending. Basically every drink I make I want to make Trader Vic proud, and get a great reaction from the customer in hopes of serving them again. I love to build upon classic drink recipes, adding more layers of flavour, I'm renowned for my chocolate and vanilla old fashioned! Shaken drinks are the most fun to make though, the theatre of it sets a great atmosphere. 

When people go to a bar, they're either unwinding alone and looking for a friendly face to talk to, or they are out to party and looking for someone to create that atmosphere. The role of a bartender is to deliver the right customer experience, and that is what we aim to do. We want to know your favourite drink and remember your name, we want to see you again and again and we want you to leave our bar with a new favourite cocktail every time. It's not just a weekend job for beer money, it's a career to those who are passionate about it and it is incredibly rewarding. Having the opportunity to connect with so many people and to have a role in their evening is wonderful, make it count! 

I'm a people person, as are the rest of the team here at Brasserie Blanc. The team are always smiling and go above and beyond for their customers. We all share a passion for making people happy, delivering great customer service, and for building rapport. It's a great place to work an even better place to drink, not to mention the outstanding food our chefs create!

So every week we will be bringing you an introduction to one of our favourite cocktails and we would love it if you popped in to try our 'Cocktail of the Week' and chat to the staff at the Brasserie Blanc. Don't miss this week's cocktail, starting Wednesday!

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