My Goal for 2017 is ....

To accomplish the goals of 2016 which I should have done in 2015 because I promised them in 2014 and I planned them in 2013.

Yes … It’s THAT time ….

Time for those New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching and the festive season well under way, many of us have used this as an excuse and spent time overindulging in the wonders of that delicious Christmas Feast and now as we sit back and think, we hear ourselves saying …


“My life choices of this past year need to change.  In 2017 I’m going to re-evaluate and make all those changes that I’ve been promising to do over the past weeks and months.  It is now time!”


Many of us take our resolutions seriously. I reckon a large percentage of us just make ourselves empty promises.  When the clock strikes twelve midnight on the 31st of December, we should bid our old ways farewell and look at the new year as an opportunity to love yourself and be happy with the new YOU!  


Be realistic and make resolutions that will be significant and add meaning to your life.


Yes, we’re all in the same boat and that’s why we at So-Knutsford, have decided to let our fellow Knutsfordians know what the general feel is for the top 10 Resolutions for 2017.



 Get in Shape and Become more active – Go For It!  This is one of those elusive health goals that sounds great when you first get the idea, but        then gets cast aside after a few weeks.  Getting into shape and becoming more active can only have positive effects on many aspects of your life.    

 Reduce Stress – Get organised, manage your time and simplify your life and you will see your stress levels drop dramatically.

 Make life more beautiful – Add some zing and romance to your life, make it more colourful.

 Quit Smoking – Go cold Turkey and give it up.  It really doesn’t do anything good for you.

 Quit Drinking – Or at least Cutting down on your drinking as this can have major benefits to your body and brain. 

 Lose the Debt – Pay off any loans and accounts and lighten that financial burden.  Live within your means and soon you will be living the lifestyle    you so badly want.

Learn a New Language – This helps to keep your brain sharp and who knows, perhaps there is some globe-trotting in the near future, prepare                                                yourself.

Time Management – Strike that balance between your professional and personal life.

Be more Adventurous – Take more chances.  Start leading a full and satisfying life by taking more calculated risks and adding some excitement to your life.

Love yourself more – Find a happy medium and come to terms with your appearance, your flaws and your attributes and start loving YOU as a         whole.




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