The RHS Taton Park Flower Show 2016

The Flower show that Knutsford loves.

Tatton Park has too be one of the most beautiful areas of Knutsford, people love walking their dogs in the area while families sit on the lush green grass as they relax and picnic. Then you have all the busy bodies who run or cycle and those who just simply cast their rods into the water and relax. My favourite is catching a glimpse of the local wild life, birds, sheep and deer quietly grazing on the grounds of Tatton Park.


Events, such as the flower show, always draw such large crowds of families and friends. I decided to take a run into Tatton Park to go see the flower show, the weather was excellent, there couldn't have been a better day.


By 11H00 the show had already had a few hundred eager flower lovers through its entrance and as I walked in I was greeted with smiles from young, friendly faces. The first stand to grab my attention was the Royal Horticultural Society where I was met by friendly faces. Walking around I found myself somewhat dazed by all the beauty, the Discover and Grow Tent really caught my eye, as I am an advocate for growing ones’ own fruit and vegetables whenever possible. The chillies had me mesmerised as they stood in their pots waiting to be used in one of my chilli dishes. The fruits and vegetables all looked so lush, full of colour and alive with flavour.



I approached a stand where groups of people were gathered and as I eagerly tried to find out what the fuss was about I saw the most amazing hand crafted items produced by African Creations, the kind of authentic curious I recognised from my homeland. Further on I discovered Andrew Worthington, hammering away on stone blocks, I watched for a while as he hit his hammer on a carving tool of sorts. It was almost medieval, I felt I was in the stone age for just a moment. I found myself drifting along almost as though I was in a labyrinth of exciting new sights and striking art work.



I walked on to the next tent where I was intrigued by giant grass and plant like sculptures, they had every one in awe. You could tell that serious time and effort had gone into creating such wonderful masterpieces. Leaving the tent, the smell of delicious food in the air led me towards the central food stalls. I would lie if I said I didn't find myself taking a curious walk along the food stalls just to see all the wonderful goodies available. I passed Tesla, who were showing off one of their very beautiful cars and headed straight towards the BFG stand where I was stopped by the most incredible carving of an Eagle. The BFG stand was surrounded by children and parents alike, all wanting a glimpse of the fantastic Big Friendly Giant.


As I made my departure and started my slow run out of Tatton Park I was reminded of what a truly beautiful area we live in, even the local animals take time just to relax and enjoy all that Tatton Park have to offer.

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