Bear Grylls Survival Race - Tatton Park

The best family day out for the adventurer's at heart.

This past weekend was one of our most recent highlights as we enjoyed a fun day out on Saturday. Our morning started with a quiet drive through Tatton Park where we saw a number of deer grazing quietly on the grounds, completely uninterrupted or threatened by the car engines edging past them and the families walking by taking a moment to remind their children that nature is a beautiful thing.



As we pulled up to the parking lot we were completely surprised at the sheer number of cars and people that could be seen. This event had already impressed us before we had even got through the ticket stands.


Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly helpers as people wandered past, looking exhausted but proud as they brandished their “I survived” t-shirts and headbands. After a brief introduction to the days itinerary we headed out to watch one of the heats begin. As the adults set off up the small incline their supporters shouting words of encouragement, one can’t help but feel like by not actually competing one really is missing out on some great fun. We headed down to the ‘Desert’ obstacle where competitors had to swing across a field of hay using looped handle bars, once on the other side they slide down a tube, finding themselves at the foot of the ‘Mountain.’ At this point the runners all shared the same exhausted expression, however we are pleased to report that everyone we watched faced the challenge head on and made a pretty good attempt at the climb. The survival course was a great feat to watch but the many workshops that ran concurrent to the main event were just as impressive. Children gathered around as interactive talks and practical workshops took place. At one end of the park lessons on how to start a fire with nothing but wood and pure hard work were underway, while on the opposite side of the field archery lessons took part. Not to mention the many tents filled with educational information from trees and their leaves to a chance to talk to some marines and attempt to carry their heavy luggage. Stand Up to Cancer had a charity tent while fitness challenges encouraged children and adults alike to get physical and ramp up their heart rate. Children had the opportunity to go on rides while adults could muster up the courage to go bungee jumping. There definitely was something for everybody. including a beer tent and a fresh pizza stand. 


It is quite clear that a great day was had by all and those who missed out really did miss out on something wonderful. However, do not panic, as next year the Bear Grylls Survival Race will return to Tatton Park for those brave enough to take on the challenge, for the rest of you there is always the live entertainment, food trucks and beer tents. So-Knutsford eagerly await next years opportunity for us to take on The Bear Grylls Adventure Challenge! Who's with us?


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